About Us

Physiotherapy looks at how we can assist the patient in regaining functional activity back after illness, injury or disability. To achieve this, we work very close with the patient and/or family to note what that might be. I believe that each person has their own goals for what they want to be able to do again and that should be respected. With a full basket off treatment modalities (specific to the patient/client) training and guidance these goals can be reached. The aim is to Move with Ease.

Services we offer

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Soft tissue release and joint mobelisation.

This is a hands on technique to assist in improving circulation and releasing tight fascia around joints, muscles which leads to better movement.

Strapping and taping

Different taping and strapping is used for different outcomes. It might be to stabilise a joint, offload muscles in order to improve pain or to aid in swelling and bruising recovery.

Chest treatments

Manual chest physiotherapy, deep breathing exercises and postural drainage is used to assist in effectively clearing the airways in acute cases (pneumonia etc) and chronic cases (COPD).

Dry needling

The use of needles to treat muscular pain and dysfunction.

A thin monofilament needle penetrates the skin and treats underlying muscular trigger points for the management of neuromusculoskeletal pain and movement impairments

What Is Physio?

Physiotherapy is aimed at assessing, rehabilitating and preventing human movement disorders.

Our Physiotherapists treat all injuries and pain of the body ranging from the more common complaints of joint sprains, muscle strains and back/neck ache to problems such as ligament tears, arthritis, osteoporosis, disc problems, sciatica, headaches, poor biomechanics, muscle imbalance, inflexibility and poor core strength.

Meet the team

Natassia Eunson – Owner/Physiotherapist

Natassia Eunson completed her BSc Physiotherapy (honours) degree in 2006 at the University of the Witwatersrand. In 2007 she completed her community service at Leratong Hospital in Krugersdorp.  During this time she enjoyed treating medical conditions including stroke patients and ICU patients. After community service, she decided to work in a private physical rehabilitation unit in Aucklandpark. In the 10 years working in Aucklandpark she gained lots of experience in treating polytrauma (orthopaedic), stroke and spinal cord injuries.  She completed her Bobath course in 2010.

She then moved closer to home and spent the next few years treating patients in the hospital, rooms and even at their homes. During this time she also completed her ODNS Dry needling level 1&2 courses.

She is still continuously reading and upskilling herself. She believes that the patient plays an important role in the treatment plan. That way the patient has responsibility for his/her treatment outcome.

Great Benefit

Let us treat you in the comfort of your own home.

  • Post-surgery orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Joint replacements, ligament repairs, fractures
  • Elderly care, mobility and exercises
  • Pain
  • Chest treatments